How to target the anglo market in Israel

For many of us working in Israel there are a whole host of reasons we may wish to target the Anglo community. From language barriers to cultural challenges – the Israeli are a particular type of community let’s be honest. So what if you are starting a business and really only want to target the Anglo community in Israel, where should you even start?

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool, not just in Israel obviously. However, it is incredibly popular in this country we call home and it can be used to great effect. However, whilst having a content schedule and posting two-three times a week on LinkedIn is optimum for many this can seem a little daunting, so you recommend you start small. Firstly, reach out to people who are Israel based and work in your field, you can do this through a simple LinkedIn search, or use Sales Navigator (which costs around $80 a month) and really narrow down your searches. Don’t be sales-y, simply tell them you’re looking to expand your network and ask if they can do a virtual coffee. Then start commenting on their posts, be thoughtful and reflective and really try to build conversations – that is a great way to start building connections in the Anglo market in Israel/ 

  1. Facebook

In most other countries Facebook is the purview of only personal matters, but in Israel Facebook is very different. A unique blend of personal and professional, many many business owners use Facebook to market their business and themselves. This is mainly supported by the preponderance of Facebook groups that genuinely help everyone from marketers to physios gain business with the anglo crowd in Israel. So open yourself up, start posting on Facebook about your business and accept that Israel does business its own way.

  1. Publications 

There are a number of offerings that target almost exclusively English speaking communities in Israel, these include the RBS views (Ramat Beit Shemesh), News Link (Jerusalem,) Torah Tidbits (Jerusalem) and ShemeshPhone (Beit Shemesh), these pamphlets go around English speaking neighbourhoods and allow for you to really grow your brand. They are relatively inexpensive, but if you are looking to advertise through we would recommend taking out a package, with marketing once is never enough and you will need to hit these Anglos a number of times until the message really penetrates. 

  1. Instagram

Now, Instagram, in our humble opinion, is the most challenging of all the social media options available, but for a professional such as a photographer, beautician or interior designer looking to target the Anglo community it can be immensely useful. We would recommend adding in “Photographer, Herzliya” if you are, for example, a photographer in Herzliya in your username as this will help people find you upon searching, and of course, using those local hashtags will also prove immensely helpful. 

  1. English Speaking Networking

Sorry, we really couldn’t resist, English Speaking Networking offers a space for business owners looking to grow their business within the Anglo community. With branches in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Hertzliya and Beit Shemesh (at the time of writing, by the time you read this we could have taken over the whole of Israel,) and with all our meetings online for the time being (again at the time of writing.) We help you build a community that genuinely helps for business to grow, mainly within the Anglo sect – if you’re not sure, just come check out one of our groups.

And, of course, if you have any questions feel free to drop us an email at 

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