English Speaking Networking acts as a space for English speaking business owners looking to grow their business. Working ruddy hard to avoid all the awkward clichés of networking, at ESN no-one ever stands in a corner. Instead, we offer a space that helps every business owner  – from the wallflower to the extravagant extrovert make connections that lead to actual business referrals.

Ultimately, we are here to make sure you bring home the (kosher) bacon. And through a nifty format that allows you to be clear about what exactly you are looking for we help you make more money.

So what are you waiting for?

our lovely benefits include:

  • Incredible guest speakers offering tangible advice on running a small business

  • Social media exposure

  • The chance to run your own workshop advertised by the helpful team at ESN

Upcoming Events

ESN Mega Networking for the Legal Community

An event specifically for those in the legal community, hosted at the incredible Herzog offices it will:   ⭐ Network

Nefesh B Nefesh JLM

ESN Mega Networking – Jerusalem

Back for the third year in a row our sold out mega networking event is returning bigger and better.  


ESN Online Israel

If you feel ready to network, we are here for you, all completely for free, of course. We appreciate not

Hamiffal, 3 Hamaaravim St., Jerusalem

ESN Jerusalem

Due to extremely popular demand, ESN Jerusalem is back! An incredible opportunity to network with business owners and grow your

WeCare, Modiin

ESN Modi’in

Following our usual tried and tested formula at ESN: Everyone will have 60 seconds to introduce themselves say who they

Be All, Yigal Alon St, 94


An incredible opportunity to network with business owners and grow your network. . As always the meeting will follow our