Member Ticket


  • Joining the ESN community as a yearly online  member gives you the opportunity to join at a reduced priced as well as the chance to:


    •       Lock out your competition
    •       Have the opportunity to give a 10 minute talk on your business and expertise at least once a year
    •       Gain access to an incredible roster of speakers who will offer expert advice (all of which are saved on a private portal just for our members)
    •       Come along to any of our other meetings for free as long as you aren’t locked out in which case it would be a case by case basis 
    •       Join free talks on improving your 60 seconds or using LinkedIn. Once you’ve attended one of those you can book in with me for a free session on either improving your 60 seconds or using LinkedIn.
    • Come along to a face to face meeting at the reduced price of just 50 NIS + VAT