Networking during a Pandemic

Given the current “new normal” in which we live, the team at ESN took the decision to move all our meetings online. The same time and date as well as the same exceptional standard of guests and spine-stingingly exciting guest speakers, these meetings take Zoom to a whole new level. 


  • Each person having 60 seconds to introduce themselves 
  • A guest or member special talk offering tangible tips on running a small business 
  • Three breakout sessions throughout the meeting where you get the opportunity to speak to guests and members of your choice. These meetings are free from any distractions or background noise and allow for straight to business networking 

On joining you will also benefit from:

  • A 30% discount in fees 
  • Increased social media reach through an intra ESN Facebook group
  • The chance to run a webinar aimed at the Olim market that will be marketed across all ESN social media channels as well as via paid Facebook Ads 

Upcoming Events

Networking during a Pandemic

ESN launch Haifa

Our fifth group, we could not be more delighted to announce the launch of ESN Haifa. Our first group in

Networking during a Pandemic

ESN Herzliya

For this meeting we will have a very special guest speaker to be announced shortly...

Networking during a Pandemic

ESN Jerusalem

For this talk we have the fantastic Abbi Perets, content writer extraordinaire who will teach you how to write emails