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ESN has long taken a traditional approach to networking –  and we believe that works very well.

However, sometimes we admit it’s time to try new things so we are absolutely delighted to have partnered with certified Life and Business coach, Tamar Gersh, who will be adapting our tried and tested formula and injecting a playfulness, creativity and fun to help all of our participants  shake off the normal awkwardness of networking because building a business should be light hearted and fun, right??

Besides the added alternative playful touch, we will of course be having our traditional networking – breakout sessions where you will have the opportunity to present your 60 second pitch to other entrepreneur women. We will have, at least, two breakout sessions giving you the opportunity to speak with almost every business owner present.

Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to spend some quiet moments at the beach – where our space is conveniently located, before heading back to your busy life! 

There will be tasty food, valuable networking opportunities and the chance to make some real authentic connections. 

The timetable will be:

10.30-11:00am- Schmoozing + light nibbles 

11.00-11.15: A quick intro + some exercises to wake you up with Candice Smith

11.15-11.35am: Breakout session one – an opportunity to meet with fellow business owners and connect with them that little bit more 

11.40-12.00 PM: Breakout session two 

12-12.30PM: Let’s set our intention for the Summer 

Early bird price of 100 NIS + VAT will be available till May 22nd, the price will then go up to 150 NIS + VAT  

There will be light refreshments, tea and coffee served.


PS: There is FREE parking at the venue, so fear not that it’s in Tel Aviv


**No refunds less than seven working days in advance****


  • Date : 06/06/2023
  • Time : 10:30 - 13:00 (UTC+0)
  • Venue : Life Academy, Tel Aviv